If you’re looking for a new classroom project to try in 2022, give podcasting a try. Recording and publishing podcasts is an activity that can be done equally well in in-person, online, and hybrid classrooms. And thanks to tools like Anchor, it is easier than ever to record and publish your first podcast. 

In this new video I demonstrate how to record and publish your first podcast by using Anchor. Besides its ease of use, one of the reasons that I like Anchor is that it includes a built-in library of transitions and sound effects to use in your podcasts. (The video also includes the debut of the new flannel shirt that was given to me at Christmas).  

Applications for Education

If you’re wondering what your students can talk about in their podcasts consider the following topics.

  • Current events
  • Q&A with “experts” on a topic like video games, sports, or hobbies. 
  • Book talks
  • Weather reports
  • School news

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