AI is enabling the gathering of data from thousands of sites, while also ensuring its reliability

FREMONT, CA: Giving a whole new shape and identity to media and communications is artificial intelligence (AI), and as we rapidly advance towards a world characterized by digitalization, the benefits AI is bringing to the media sector are tremendous.

For instance, AI is enabling the gathering of data from thousands of sites while also ensuring its reliability. For social media sites such as Facebook, the entire backbone is on understanding and grasping knowledge about the behavior of its users. This is where AI and technologies such as deep learning are also enabling in comprehension of data within images and the context of the images. This means if there is an abundance of specific images and videos being shared across Facebook, this technique can produce insights to comprehend the frequency of appearance of products with these images and videos so as to successfully place ads for the people who prefer to watch those particular images or videos. 

As per an industry report, the amount spent on cloud AI in the media and entertainment sector globally is anticipated to reach 1,860.9 million dollars by 2025. Besides Facebook, other social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Pinterest are also using AI technology to provide more personalized products and services for their users. 

It is time that media companies realize the importance of AI. They can make decisions based on their specific goals, interactions with third-party tools, and the complexity of specific workflows. The market is full of various tools, frameworks, libraries, and datasets that are ready to be leveraged. For example, Tensorflow, Keras, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, MXNet, Torch, Chainer are some of the available open-source frameworks for deep learning. By leveraging them, it is possible to unlock the hidden potential that still exists within AI.

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