Data visualization is an efficient way to communicate with data, and there are many tools companies can use to design compelling graphics.

FREMONT, CA: Data is a very useful tool. It enables companies to spot patterns, perform analysis, make well-informed decisions, and set reasonable objectives. Even if a company has all the data, it requires to succeed, and it will still fail if no one understands or uses it.

Several people outside the analytics team may find datasets a foreign language, and data visualization is helpful in this situation. Experts can take raw data and convert it into something easy to understand through data visualization.

The method of constructing a visual representation of the information contained in a dataset is known as data visualization.


Data that can be visualized is frequently easier to interpret and extract insights. As a result, data visualization is a powerful tool for making data more accessible all over a company. The employees will back up their decisions with solid data rather than assumptions, leading to a more data-driven organizational procedure.

Data visualization can also help communicate with those outsides of a company, like the press, investors, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders.


A data visualization tool is a piece of software that allows companies to see data visually. The features of each tool differ, but at their most basic level, they enable users to input a dataset and alter it visually. Many, but not all of them, come with pre-installed templates for creating simple visualizations.


Microsoft Excel (and Power BI)

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program and not a data visualization tool. Despite this, it includes valuable data visualization features. Due to the widespread use of Microsoft products in businesses, users may already have access to it.

Power BI can be a great option if the company wants to stay within the Microsoft environment but needs a more robust data visualization tool.

Google Charts

Google Charts is a renowned free alternative for professionals who want to create dynamic data visualizations that will remain on the internet.

The program can extract data from various sources, such as Salesforce, SQL databases, and Google Sheets, and build charts using HTML5 or SVG technology, making them highly accessible.


Tableau is one of the most prominent data visualization solutions on the market for two primary reasons: It’s both simple to use and quite powerful. The software can import data from multiple sources and create numerous visualization formats, including charts, maps, and much more. Tableau, acquired by Salesforce, has many users and community members and is extensively employed in the industry.

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