As the new school year approaches we’ll all, teachers and students, have goals to do something better this year. If one of those goals is to do a better job of keeping track of homework assignments and other tasks, Google Keep and Gmail have some built-in tools that can help you reach that goal.

Add to Tasks in Gmail makes it easy to quickly add an item to your Tasks list and keep the context of the email connected to the task. The Task will appear in the sidebar of Gmail as well as on your personal Google Calendar. I find the combination of those two things to be tremendously useful in keeping track of tasks that are related emails that I send and receive.

How to Manage Tasks in Gmail

Adding an item to a Tasks list in Gmail can be a good way for students to set reminders for themselves about upcoming assignment due dates. While Google Classroom does provide an option to see assignments on their Google Calendars, some students might prefer to set reminders or advance the due date for themselves. Tasks makes it easy for students to create those reminders.

Google Keep task reminders

In Google Keep you can create task reminders that are time-based and location-based. I use the location based reminders to remember to ask my daughters’ preschool teachers questions when I drop them off at school because sometimes I’m a bit rushed and will forget to ask if the alert doesn’t pop-up on my phone. The time-based reminders are great for things that aren’t location dependent like remembering to write a blog post about using Google Keep reminders. Both Google Keep reminder features are demonstrated in the videos below.

Create Bookmarks & Reminders in Google Keep

Create Location-Based Reminders in Google Keep

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