Laine Schroeder Edwards, President PermitPros, LLC

Thank goodness we didn’t experience 2020 ten years ago when video and file sharing technology was emerging. When we, as a nation, were presented with a challenge to “figure it out” and we did. Collaboration was occurring in all sectors, providing information, tips and tricks. It didn’t matter what industry you worked in. I saw friends helping strangers, neighbors reaching out beyond their workplace and home.


I believe most people, whether owners or operators or employees have proven what works and what doesn’t. Whether working from home, working from the office or a combination, some professions have drastically changed how they do business. Others remain status quo. But we were put to the test which tested each of us to maintain our professionalism (even though our dress code below the screen was not) and prove that we were capable of corporate trust to get the work done.

Owners and operators are looking deeper into their spends, really looking at line item detail that was probably glanced over previously. Now they are focusing on where they need to focus their dollars.

I believe that we will continue to see hybrid working and living conditions. And I believe we will also see a shift in population to more rural settings. Access to technology must be easily assessable and stable. We see the vulnerability with recent weather and cyber attacks events. We must rise to the offensive to combat this now, rather than reacting. I sincerely hope that everyone, every home, every business, large, medium or small is in the process of implementing hard level security measures.


I am proud of the LMS system that we have created and the new verticals that we are focusing on lately. The PermitPros LMS system allows secure access, with continual availability to track and manage all licenses and permits across any industry from anywhere you like to work. Our LMS is a cloud-based Software as a Service, and we are leading on this capability in our space. We have a terrific team of which I am very proud!

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