From time to time, certain key elements in the Windows 10 user interface go dormant. You click on or touch the Start menu icon, or other icons in the taskbar, and nothing happens. Keep trying, and nothing keeps happening. This can be anywhere from frustrating to infuriating.

Thankfully, there’s an extremely easy fix for this sort of behavior, as I will soon explain.

No need to restart your PC, though that works, too

One ingrained response in many Windows users when the UI starts misbehaving is to restart their computer. And indeed, that will work to fix a nonresponsive Start menu or taskbar icons. But it takes time — at least a minute for most PC users — and can derail your productivity.

Because File Explorer handles processing for the Start menu and the taskbar, including its notification area, there’s a simpler, faster fix worth trying before you pull out the heavy artillery.

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