When used in conjunction with time and attendance, facial recognition technology benefits both the employee and the employer.

FREMONT, CA: Workplace facial recognition will become more commonplace in a post-pandemic world. Business owners worldwide are seeking contact-free procedures for workers to clock in and out and calculate payroll.

Below are some profound advantages facial recognition technology can have on a company’s time and attendance monitoring.

Improves workplace safety

Employees are likely to be a little wary of returning home after a year of working in their pajamas. However, entrepreneurs can make them feel safer as they return to post-COVID work using facial recognition technology.

 One of the benefits of biometric facial recognition is that unauthorized personnel can stop entering the workplace. Upon entry, facial recognition can be used to recognize employees, confirm or deny access. This is particularly useful if the business has expensive inventory, sensitive information, or requires specific sanitary measures. In addition, using a biometric facial recognition time clock also keeps employee data safer than a manual time and attendance system ever could.

Prevents Punching Buddy

A biometric time and attendance system only allows an employee to clock in itself. That not only benefits employees, it also helps the company. That’s because facial recognition completely eradicates buddy punching, one of employee time theft’s most common forms.

Buddy punching is when an employee logs in for another employee to make sure they are not late or absent from work. This can be challenging for businesses. It’s even harder to tackle if entrepreneurs have a remote workforce clocking from different locations.

Face recognition technology, however, ensures this practice is no longer possible. This can save a firm a lot of money and help business owners tackle employee lateness and absenteeism.

Furthermore, some facial recognition time and attendance solutions can also track whether employees are clocking from the correct location.

Helps Entrepreneurs save time and grow business

Employee time and attendance tasks take time. If businesses still run a manual time and attendance system, they must complete countless administrative tasks. This includes:

Processing paper sheets and timelines

Create employee schedules

Authorizing leave and overtime

Manually create payroll

However, a fully automated facial recognition time and attendance system provides one easy-to-manage central location for managing and executing these processes.

Not having to do all these tasks weekly or monthly will free entrepreneurs to do more pressing and meaningful jobs. So, they can focus on what’s essential; grow their business.

Very user-friendly

The final item in this list of facial recognition benefits is its usability. It’s safe to assume that the employees have taken a selfie before. Uploading via facial recognition technology is as simple as that.

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