GENERAL SHORTCUTS Create a new workbookCtrl-N⌘-N Open a workbookCtrl-O⌘-O Save a workbookCtrl-S⌘-S Close a workbookCtrl-W⌘-W Print a workbookCtrl-P⌘-P Display the Find dialog boxCtrl-FControl-F Display the Go To dialog boxF5F5 Undo the last actionCtrl-Z⌘-Z or Control-Z Redo the last actionCtrl-Y⌘-Y or Control-Y Insert or edit a cell commentShift-F2⌘-Shift-F2 Select all cells that contain
commentsCtrl-Shift-O  Spell-check the active
worksheet or selected rangeF7F7WORKSHEET NAVIGATION Move one screen up / downPgUp / PgDnPage Up / Page Down or
Fn-down arrow /
Fn-up arrow Move one screen to the
left / rightAlt-PgUp / Alt-PgDnOption-Page Up /
Option-Page Down or
Fn-Option-up arrow /
Fn-Option-down arrow Move one worksheet tab to
the left / rightCtrl-PgUp / Ctrl-PgDnControl-Page Down /
Control-Page Up or
Option-right arrow
/ Option-Left arrow Move one cell up / downup arrow / down arrowup arrow / down arrow Move to the next cell to the rightTabright arrow Move to the cell to the leftShift-Tableft arrow Move to the beginning of a rowHomeHome or Fn-left arrow Move to the beginning of a
worksheetCtrl-HomeControl-Home or
Control-Fn-Left arrow Move to the last cell that
has content in itCtrl-EndControl-End or
Control-Fn-right arrow Move to the word to the
left while in a cellCtrl-left arrow⌘-left arrow Move to the word to the
right while in a cellCtrl-right arrow⌘-right arrow Display the Go To dialog boxCtrl-G or F5Ctrl-G or F5 Switch between the worksheet,
the Ribbon, the task pane, and
Zoom controlsF6F6 If more than one worksheet
is open, switch to the next oneCtrl-F6⌘-~WORKING WITH DATA Select a rowShift-SpacebarShift-Spacebar Select a columnCtrl-SpacebarControl-Spacebar Select an entire worksheetCtrl-A or
Ctrl-Shift-Spacebar⌘-A Extend selection by a single cellShift-arrow keyShift-arrow key Extend selection down / up
one screenShift-PgDn / Shift-PgUpShift-PgDn /
Shift-PgUp or
Shift-Fn-down arrow /
Shift-Fn-up arrow Extend selection to the
beginning of a rowShift-HomeShift-Home or
Shift-Fn-left arrow Extend selection to the
beginning of the worksheetCtrl-Shift-HomeControl-Shift-Home or
Control-Shift-Fn-left arrow Hide selected rowsCtrl-9⌘-9 or Control-9 Unhide hidden rows in
a selectionCtrl-Shift-(⌘-Shift-( or Control-Shift-( Hide selected columnsCtrl-0⌘-0 or Control-0 Unhide hidden columns
in a selectionCtrl-Shift-)⌘-Shift-) or Control-Shift-) Copy cell’s contents
to the clipboardCtrl-C⌘-C or Control-C Copy and delete cell’s contentsCtrl-X⌘-X or Control-X Paste from the clipboard
into a cellCtrl-V⌘-V or Control-V Display the Paste Special
dialog boxCtrl-Alt-V⌘-Option-V or
Control-Option-V Finish entering data in a cell and
move to the next cell down / upEnter / Shift-EnterEnter / Shift-Enter Cancel your entry in a cellEscEsc Insert the current dateCtrl-;Control-; Insert the current timeCtrl-Shift-;⌘-; Display the Create Table
dialog boxCtrl-T or Ctrl-LControl-T When in the formula bar, move
the cursor to the end of the textCtrl-End⌘-End or
⌘-Fn-right arrow When in the formula bar, select all
text from the cursor to the endCtrl-Shift-End⌘-Shift-End or
⌘-Shift-Fn-right arrow Display Quick Analysis options
for selected cells that contain dataCtrl-Q  Create, run, edit, or delete a macroAlt-F8Option-F8FORMATTING CELLS AND DATA Display the Format Cells dialog boxCtrl-1⌘-1 or Control-1 Display the Style dialog box
(Windows) / Modify Cell Style dialog
box (Mac)Alt-‘Option-‘ Apply a border to a cell or selectionCtrl-Shift-&⌘-Option-0 Remove a border from a cell or
selectionCtrl-Shift-_ (underscore)⌘-Option– (hyphen) Apply the Currency format with
two decimal placesCtrl-Shift-$Control-Shift-$ Apply the Number formatCtrl-Shift-~Control-Shift-~ Apply the Percentage format with
no decimal placesCtrl-Shift-%Control-Shift-% Apply the Date format using day,
month, and yearCtrl-Shift-#Control-Shift-# Apply the Time format using the
12-hour clockCtrl-Shift-@Control-Shift-@ Insert a hyperlinkCtrl-K⌘-K or Control-KWORKING WITH FORMULAS Begin a formula== Insert an AutoSum functionAlt-=⌘-Shift-T Insert a functionShift-F3Shift-F3 Toggle between displaying formulas
and cell valuesCtrl-`Control-` Copy and paste the formula
from the cell above into the
current oneCtrl-‘Control-Shift-“ Calculate all worksheets in all
workbooks that are openF9F9 Calculate the current worksheetShift-F9Shift-F9 Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl-Shift-UControl-Shift-URIBBON NAVIGATION Display Ribbon shortcutsAlt  Go to the File tabAlt-F  Go to the Home tabAlt-H  Go to the Insert tabAlt-N  Go to the Page Layout tabAlt-P  Go to the Formulas tabAlt-M  Go to the Data tabAlt-A  Go to the Review tabAlt-R  Go to the View tabAlt-W  Put cursor in the Tell Me or
Search boxAlt-Q  Go to the Chart Design tab when
cursor is on a chartAlt-JC  Go to the Format tab when cursor
is on a chartAlt-JA  Go to the Table Design tab when
cursor is on a tableAlt-JT  Go to the Picture Format tab when
cursor is on an imageAlt-JP  Go to the Draw tab (if available)Alt-JI  Go to the Power Pivot tab (if available)Alt-B 

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