Microsoft recently announced the availability of Windows 10 version 21H1, known as the May 2021 Update. Breaking with the major-minor cadence established for Windows 10 feature updates over the past few years, with a major release in the spring and a minor one in the fall, the May 2021 Update offers only a handful of minor changes.

Here are the updates that enterprise users and IT pros should know about:

  • Windows Hello multicamera support: If you have an external Windows Hello camera for your PC, you can set the external camera as your default camera. (Windows Hello is used for signing into PCs.) Why should this change matter to you? If you have an external camera, you probably bought it because it’s superior to the built-in, internal one on your computer. So with this change, you’ll be able to use the more accurate camera for logging into your PC.
  • Improved Windows Defender Application Guard performance: Windows Defender Application Guard lets administrators configure applications to run in an isolated, virtualized container for improved security. With this change, documents will open more quickly. It can currently take up to a minute to open an Office document in it.
  • Better Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service support: Microsoft has made it easier for administrators to change settings to support remote work.

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