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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications can benefit every sector. As a result, RPA can significantly impact and improve every industry, paving for enhanced operational efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: While RPA is best suited for automating complex processes, it is used to automate any single process that offers the potential for increased efficiency and cost savings. Below are few goodprocesses where RPA is best for automating.

Healthcare applications of RPA

  • A significant amount of RPA occurs in the payment department of healthcare facilities in the ERP system. As a result, hospitals can automate payment processing, thereby reducing staff workload.
  • Patients and hospitals are frequently entangled in insurance claim management. RPA software bots can automate claims management by collecting data according to predefined parameters.
  • Patient registration is one of the best RPA trends in healthcare, as it consumes a significant amount of time. RPA bots can quickly fill in the required information and prepare the patient registration form.

Manufacturing Industry Use Cases for RPA

  • One of the primary advantages of RPA in manufacturing is its ability to generate efficient delivery reports to show a clear picture of the current state. It enables efficient decision-making and rapid response to production requirements.
  • RPA can be used to automate email and paperwork digitization and monitor inventory levels and product demand.
  • Manufacturing RPA case studies demonstrate how software bots can automate bills of material by extracting data and ensuring data accuracy, resulting in fewer errors and transactional issues.

Retail Industry Use Cases for RPA

  • RPA bots can extract SKU data to assist businesses in classifying products and determining their market share in various regions. It helps in the reduction of endless hours of work.
  • RPA bots automate the process of checking the purchase record and expediting the entire return process.
  • Robotic Process Automation bots collect data on critical items and notify the system when a shortage or overflow occurs.

Telecom applications of RPA

  • Telecom companies implement an account verification on users who opt for postpaid accounts. It necessitates manual document processing.
  • Operators manually generate and send reports on connectivity issues based on their severity to executives. RPA is the most effective method for automating report generation.
  • RPA bots receive emails from users and other stakeholders and automatically forward them to the appropriate individuals based on a few parameters.
  • Customer number porting is an excellent example of robotic process automation in the telecommunications industry, as it is a straightforward process that is automated.

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