One of last week’s most popular posts was this one highlighting my favorite “hidden” features of Office 365 tools. To start this week I have another hidden Office 365 feature that you might find handy. That feature is the option to embed Word documents into your blog or website. You can do that with any document that you access through your online Office 365 account. 

To embed a Word document into a blog post or web page simply follow these steps. 

1. Open your Word document in your web browser through your Office 365 account. 

2. Select “File” then “more file options.” “More file options” is found by clicking on the three horizontal dots under the folder icon. 

3. Choose “share” then choose “embed.”

4. Copy the provided embed code and paste it into your blog post or web page editor just as you would when embedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can alter the size of the display by changing the width and height dimensions in the embed preview window. 

Applications for Education
Embedding a Word document into your website or blog can be a convenient way to share documents with parents or students without having to re-write the content in your website or blog editor. It’s more convenient for you and it’s more convenient for them because they don’t have to download the documents in order to read them.

This post originally appeared on If you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission. Sites that steal my (Richard Byrne’s) work include CloudComputin, TodayHeadline, and 711Web. Featured screenshots created by Richard Byrne.

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