The healthcare sector is full of rich data, and there are many cases related to IoT and big data analytics that can offer the patients the best care.

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is also on the verge of transformation due to digitalization in every aspect of its existence, starting from network infrastructure to virtual care. Earlier, the patients had to wait for hours outside the doctor’s clinics to check the analog temperature and lab results, but now it is not necessary. Technologies are developing, and there are many potentials in the healthcare sector as it can help to make medical care available anywhere and anytime by decreasing the risk of the patient.

The healthcare industry is filled with rich data, and there are many used cases related to IOT and big data analysis that provide the best patient care. The modern healthcare environment has vast sets of fragmented information within numerous systems, data centers, and networks worldwide. But the biggest challenge is to insert a continuous yet healthy dose of highly advanced technologies so that it can offer efficient resource utilization and ensure the security of cross-platform communication solutions. The software-defined networking will increase the adoption of the Internet of Things as it provides effective resource utilization, adequate uptime, safety, flow control, on-demand bandwidth, and sustainable quality of service.

Software-Defined Networks for an improved IoT Experience in Healthcare

SDN is an approach used for controlling, managing, and programming the underlying network devices with the help of a centralized management console through open interfaces. SDN takes networking solutions to the next level with its innovative routing policies by moving the intelligence, which is the forwarding function available from the distributed network devices to a centralized controller. It helps to simplify networking design, programmability, and configuration. The software-centric controller utilizes the OpenFlow or southbound protocols for controlling every device and traffic flow of the network. The network engineers can even efficiently handle and manage the systems that are utilizing network applications, also known as Northbound Application. The application consists of network provisioning, service insertion or chaining, QoS management, policy-based automation, topology management, congestion control, and firewall monitoring.

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