Everyday a new technology is being developed in one or the other corner of the world. This is why going through a digital transformation is a crucial process for businesses. There is one new technology development in particular that is transforming the way businesses conduct their digital transformations, and that is AI. By implementing AI into one’s digital transformation strategy, one can boost its success rate, and also give one’s business an edge over the competition.

Automating Process

One thing that AI is good at is doing simple tasks in a short amount of time. With process automation, businesses can have AI complete tasks that used to be time consuming. For instance, one can automatically send out or respond to emails, enter information into a spreadsheet, or update customer information.

Customer Service

A recent use of AI has been developed in the area of customer service. Many companies have put a feature on their website called live chat, where customers can instantly talk to customer service representatives through a chat window. However, it is costly for staff representatives to monitor one’s live chat feature at all times. In order to reduce costs, companies have started to use chatbots.

Chatbots work just like a live chat window, but instead of talking to a person, the customer will talk to the AI. The AI will analyse messages coming from the customer and provide a pre-defined response that company have provided. If the AI cannot help the customer, they can either send them to a live agent or send them to email support.Using this system, companies have been able to significantly reduce the workload for their agents, in some cases completely eliminating customer service representatives.

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