Post worldwide pandemic implications are a set of innovative practices, personal improvements, tools, processes, skills, and pro AV products to engage teams and professionals at work. As the year ends, the AV industry is proactively engaged in bringing forth major advancements to provide a competitive edge in 2021. These technologies went a long way towards assisting working professionals, educators, students, and businesses to collaborate seamlessly, albeit virtually. Here some key AV trends to watch out for in 2021.

Remote and Hybrid Work will Continue.

In the hybrid work model, employees would be needed to work some days at the office while operating on other days from a remote location. This arrangement comes in the light of the observation, and a sense of community is getting stifled with the remote set-up. The cloud-based video conferencing solutions used widely over the last year will continue to assist in accommodating social distancing protocols for organizations. The resulting high-quality audio and video conferencing they offer will enable teams to sustain work with healthy synergy.

Growing BYOD Trends

BYOD and enterprise mobility is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. As most of the professionals return to work, BYOD would be quickly adopted by most firms as their integral workplace policy to limit physical interaction with the touch interfaces in the rooms. Whether it is a laptop, mobile, or tablet, employees will have the freedom to utilize the BYOD device that they like most, in and outside the office, to access enterprise data. This will help the partnership going on without multiplying the chances of a virus spread while saving the firm from purchasing or replacing the technology.

Digital Signage Delivering Targeted Communication

Given the fear of infection, people are limiting touching things as much as possible. In the corporate applications and the education, government, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare sector, interactive video walls will be more indispensable. The application of video walls for business visibility and the sharing of information via digital signage will become a priority for businesses in the post-pandemic world.

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