DevOps is the best solution for organizations to save time and money, increase quality, and reduce time to market, even though it needs upgrading and implementing modern tools.

FREMONT, CA:-The global Coronavirus pandemic has turned into a human disaster, impacting millions of people and companies. The COVID-19 epidemic has thrown the global economy into disarray and has had a significant effect.

DevOps has become a more critical and integral part of a business’s success than ever before, as companies worldwide are forced to accelerate their digital transformation. DevOps has developed to meet the changing requirements as the market environment has changed and technology has advanced rapidly.

DevOps trends to follow in 2021

Rise in Popularity for Microservices Architecture

The microservice architecture’s capability to bind fragments of units independently allows DevOps to focus solely on the individual units, which is critical for the rapid delivery of complex applications. The combination of DevOps and Microservices architecture saves money, time, and resources.

Increased Adoption of DevSecOps

COVID-19 has created a remote-work environment of people working from all over the world, which has exposed security flaws. With the rise of security and cyberattack threats, it’s more critical than ever to integrate security into every layer of business operation. Businesses will increasingly use a DevSecOps framework to integrate protection into their DevOps processes.

Advancement in Infrastructure Automation (IA) Tools

DevOps teams can prepare and execute self-service, automated delivery services on-premises and in the cloud and provide customer-focused agility and robust upgrades by implementing infrastructure automation and a continuous delivery model.

AgileOps for Improved Agility

In recent years, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies have become the cornerstone of business development and performance. These techniques give businesses the flexibility and independence to host applications according to their needs. AgileOps is an IT operating model designed for digital companies that incorporates agile concepts to create flexible working practices.

AI and ML-Driven DevOps Approach

Due to the volume, variety, and speed at which data is produced today, processing such large amounts of data in daily operations is difficult for organizations using conventional approaches and out-of-date technology. A DevOps methodology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) allows businesses to compute and analyze data of any size and scale.

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