This Tool Will Help You Improve Your Critical Thinking is a new TED-Ed lesson that provides viewers with an introduction to the Socratic method. The video has two main purposes. The first is to explain what the Socratic method is. The second is to explain a bit of Socrates’ place in history. The video’s explanation of the Socratic method is much stronger than the explanation of Socrates’ place in history. Watch the lesson here or as embedded below. 

Applications for Education

Last week I used the Socratic method with one of my classes. A few of my students got a little frustrated with me because I wasn’t “just giving them the answer.” A few of my students understood what I was doing. I stopped to explain it, but by that point the frustrated students weren’t in the best place to understand what I was doing. That class meets again tomorrow and I plan to show this video to provide the class with a different explanation and perspective. 
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