Contrary to expectation and a surprise to some — including Computerworld — Microsoft will continue to offer a “perpetual” Office for enterprises. The latest in that line will release later this year.

Saddled with the clumsy name of Office LTSC, the productivity suite will be licensed in the traditional fashion — dubbed “perpetual” because the license provides rights to run the software as long as one wants — just like its predecessor, Office 2019.

Not everything out of Redmond, apparently, will be a part of a subscription. But neither will Office LTSC be able to compete head-to-head with what Microsoft wants customers to purchase, the ongoing software “rentals” of Office 365 and its even more expensive Microsoft 365. Microsoft will make sure of that.

Knowing that, we tackled the most important questions about Office LTSC. Hail to on-premises!

What’s with the name change? Don’t blame us. We didn’t do it.

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