Equipped with effective cloud database infrastructure, enterprises can potentially scale up the development cycle while saving valuable money and resources.

FREMONT, CA: Software development is moving to the cloud platform for the last few years. Databases are no exception. A cloud database is a scalable content database running on a cloud platform that can be private, public, or hybrid. There are cloud database environment models – the conventional cloud model and Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). In the conventional cloud model, the content database runs on its infrastructure, and any oversight falls on the IT manager and team. DBaaS works on the service vendor’s infrastructure, and they are responsible for any hitches should they happen. The user can focus on operations, development, and business objectives.

Shifting to the cloud can be extremely advantageous today due to the extensive range of inherited benefits it brings with it. With the cloud provider covering the maintenance and infrastructure areas, enterprises can now invest less in hardware and resources and IT expenditure. Some fewer complications and conflicts often limit development. Working with a DBaaS enables seamless and smooth scalability during peak times or ahead of releases with tight deadlines. This is a significant benefit for growing enterprises that may not possess the budget and resources for on-premise infrastructure.

Companies no longer require worrying about shelling money on buying new technologies because updated infrastructure is the cloud vendor’s hurdle. Companies also do not require to hire dedicated staff for training and onboarding purposes. All top vendors take care of the security perspective and invest in the best available solutions to secure databases. No solution is bullet-proof, but it proves to be a secure method to protect sensitive data and information with fewer margins for mistake. Cloud offers supplementary data-management services, a data warehouse, and a data pipeline, a data integrating service for seamless data management.

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