With wearable technology, social distancing and contact tracing becomes much seamless and more accurate.

FREMONT, CA: Cyber-physical systems are usually employed across sectors to enhance the quality of our interactions with the physical world. These systems gather real-time information from objects and people to be analyzed and leveraged for business gains. Using wearable technology to bring together people with their surroundings can be advantageous for several business aspects. The concept behind the COVID-19 solution was to find a method to bridge the gap between physical and digital to enhance methods leveraged for protection against the virus. With an IoT system leveraging wearable technology, social distancing and contact tracing becomes much seamless. However, the infrastructure can be leveraged even after the pandemic with some customization, making wearable tech a solution for many different industries’ problems.

For the hospitality sector, wearable technology enables businesses to ensure higher safety and reassure visitors that their health is under protection, which has been essential for business continuity. After the risk of transmission lowers, the IoT network can be leveraged in many different business aspects. The wearable devices can be used in the place of room keys. This will need added sensors on room doors. However, it will enhance customer experience by making it seamless for them to carry on to their room keys. Another usage situation can be harnessing the bracelets to track guests when offering them a service. This will reduce the loss of time and enhance the efficiency of service employees to increase customer satisfaction.

The potential to track service and maintenance can offer significant operational benefits by enabling management to analyze the efficiency of present operations, identify problems and enhance overall performance within the organization with a data-driven approach. Wearables can help automate security management, particularly for hospitality facilities with a large number of occupants and area to cover. Applications include tracking children if they are missing, protecting areas from being entered by unauthorized personnel and locating employees and guests in the case of an emergency.

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