True Security Requires a Holistic Approach

Driving along the coast, I sometimes wonder what makes a boat reliably float. After all, a leak can sometimes cripple even the largest vessel. This seems to me like a fitting metaphor for our digital lives: there is a sea of potential danger around us, and always the chance of a leak. However, like shipbuilders, we know how to secure our devices and data as we traverse the digital landscape, combining ease of use and protection.

This is especially important when it comes to our privacy and personal information as we spend more time doing essential tasks online. Every time we give our information online, we give a puzzle piece that someone could potentially use to help access our more sensitive data. Just think about how much information can be gained with just your email address combined with your home address, birthday, or even your mother’s maiden name, much less your actual passwords, Social Security Number or PIN codes.

And while recent surveys have shown that consumers are very concerned about their privacy, nearly half feel that they cannot adequately protect their information. This may seem alarming, however, there are effective and easily accessible ways to better protect our identity online, with a holistic approach and the right set of tools.

What do we mean by holistic protection?

Studies show that people are more worried about having their personal information stolen than having their devices infected, probably because they have less control of their financial or banking data when it gets into the hands of a third party, like an e-commerce website.

This is one key benefit of using a holistic security solution: additional layers of protection proactively keep your personal data out of the wrong hands. It can also detect if your data has already leaked, and helps you regain control of your information.

For example, let’s say you want to order dinner while you are out and about, so that you’ll receive it by the time you get home. A holistic solution, such as McAfee Total Protection includes:

  • A virtual private network (VPN), allowing you to connect securely on a public Wi-Fi network by encrypting, or scrambling, your data while in transit so no one else sees it.
  • Safe browsing that warns you if the restaurant’s website is risky, before you enter your information.
  • An integrated password manager to create and store unique passwords so you don’t reuse passwords. This way if one of your accounts is hacked, your other accounts won’t be at risk.

Let’s go even further and say that long after you’ve ordered and enjoyed your dinner, the restaurant’s website gets hacked. This is when the detection tools come in handy:

  • McAfee Total Protection also includes extensive Dark Web Monitoring which keep constant watch, monitoring your sensitive information. If your data leaks, with breach alerts you’re notified upon finding so you can change your credentials and reduce any risk.

A holistic approach to security

A holistic, or comprehensive, security solution uses a multi-layered approach to help protect your personal information and keep your identity private.

Many Dangers, A Unified Solution

We recognize that consumers face a sea of potential threats, but it’s important to remember that by choosing a holistic security solution for your personal protection, you can minimize your exposure.

Antivirus on your PC is not enough – it has not been enough for many decades now. And this becomes more evident as we continue to spend more time online, with the average person spending 6 hours and 54 minutes online each day.

While standalone apps like a password manager, a VPN app, and an identity solution from different vendors can be piecemealed together with your device security, these are difficult to keep track of and burdensome to maintain.

We have combined the important tools you need into a seamless and comprehensive experience because good security software is something that you use daily to feel safer online. This is why we are working on your behalf to redefine security, so you can live your connected life .

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