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Businesses are utilizing robotics technology to boost efficiency and convenience for both enterprises and consumers.

FREMONT, CA: Advances in robotics have the potential to change a wide variety of business practices. More and more, robots are cropping up in offices, hospitals, and schools — decidedly non-industrial environments and in fulfillment centers, warehouses, and small manufacturing centers. Here are some trends in robotics in 2021.

Robots to Pinpoint Exact Product Locations

Autonomous robots took on expansive roles in stores and warehouses during the pandemic, which is expected to gain momentum in 2021. Data-collecting robots shared real-time inventory updates and product location data with mobile shopping apps, online order pickers, and pickup services, along with in-store shoppers and employees. That is key in large retail environments, with many items, where the potential to pinpoint products is a significant productivity booster.

Multipurpose Robots

Autonomous robots can seamlessly manage different duties, often referred to as ‘payloads,’ which are programmed to address different needs, including but not limited to inventory management, hazard identification, security checks, surface disinfectants, and many others. In the future, retailers will have increased choices for mixing automated workflows to meet specific operational requirements.

Issues with Labor Shortage

As the labor arena continues to tighten, retailers will look for ways to automate previously manual, mundane activities. Multipurpose robots come to use when it comes to oft-dreaded shelf scans, running scans in hours instead of days and with up to 95 percent accuracy. No employee needs to perform mind-numbing, complex tasks, so let the robots do it—they will never get bored or distracted.

Data-Driven Insights

The more comfortable retailers become with autonomous robots alongside shoppers and employees, the faster they can redirect attention to what matters most—the potential to elevate customer satisfaction while improving store revenue and profitability. T o accomplish this, retailers need to connect the dots between shelf-scanning outcomes and corresponding department, category, vendor, sell-through, and pricing data.

Profound Impact of 5G

Investments in the latest wireless technology will pay off in several aspects of retail as it promises to unearth new experiences. Mega-trending 5G is poised to offer unheralded pace and bandwidth to ensure shared visibility of retail data without affecting other in-store network operations. Expect 5G to go from pilot to production phase throughout the retail sector.

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