Dropbox is best known as a cloud storage service, but it also offers a set of collaboration tools under the name Spaces. In a nutshell, Spaces lets you turn folders into project workspaces where you and teams can collaborate. For example, you and your co-workers can add comments to files, include descriptions of folders, and create shared to-do lists. Spaces is available with all Dropbox individual user plans (including both free and paid versions) and team accounts for business.

This guide walks you through the main tools of Spaces when you use Dropbox through a web browser. Most of these instructions apply similarly to the Dropbox desktop apps for macOS and Windows.

Note: Dropbox recently announced Spaces 2.0, an updated and expanded version of its collaboration tools. Currently in private beta, it’s expected to be released to the public this spring. We’ll update this story when Spaces 2.0 becomes publicly available.

Turn a folder into a Space

Turning a folder into a “Space” activates collaboration tools that you can use on the folder and the files inside it. You can turn any folder, including the main folder of your Dropbox account, into a Space.

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