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Cobalt Iron announced that it had been offered a patent in the United States for its Data Protection Automatic Optimization System and Method

FREMONT, CA: Cobalt Iron Inc., a top provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, recently announced that it had been offered a patent in the United States for its Data Protection Automatic Optimization System and Method. U.S. Patent #10891200, issued on January 12, 2021, defines new features for the Cobalt Iron Compass® enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup platform, including automatic and dynamic data collection activity adjustments in response to an identified event or condition.

The patent refers to an essential and unfulfilled need in the enterprise backup environment for robust data collection and efficient monitoring. Backup servers, backup server OSs, a backup catalog or database, backup software, backup agents, storage, networking, and probably cloud services are just a few of the moving parts in enterprise backup. Every one of these components should ideally be monitored for health, capacity, performance, and ransomware problems continuously, but this is rarely the case.

Broader data collection and tracking are needed under certain circumstances or incidents to help identify, remediate, and track any problems. However, gathering sufficient data on these various parameters and conditions is unusual. However, when data is collected, it is often static, meaning the same amount of data is accumulated at the same frequency regardless of the situation or operational status.

“We have developed this technology to create a more dynamic means of collecting data about backup infrastructure and operations. In particular, when certain conditions or events occur, more information is needed from components or operations in order to properly analyze, prepare for, and respond to those situations,” said James Kost, senior systems engineer for Cobalt Iron. “For example, if there are operational or infrastructure issues with backup, it might be very desirable to increase the fidelity and frequency of automatic data collection for all involved components. Another example might be indications of a ransomware attack. If the business is under a particular security condition, increasing data collection fidelity and frequency can allow closer and more accurate insights into any activities that impact the backup environment and operations.”

“This patent is a significant milestone in the ongoing development of Compass and extends Cobalt Iron’s technology leadership in advanced, analytics-based optimizations of enterprise backup and IT operations,” Kost added. “By initiating deeper and more dynamic levels of data collection for all infrastructure components and operations, the technology enables administrators and other IT professionals to gain deeper insights into their operations and respond faster to business, technical, political, meteorological, or other circumstances. The net result is minimized risk to IT infrastructure and operations, faster problem resolution, and the ability to capture critical information about an event that otherwise would likely be lost.”

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