More industries will apply IoT-based applications to track the activity of the employees during remote work. 

FREMONT, CA: According to research firms, the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on global IoT spending this year, but a double-digit increase is anticipated to return over the next few years. A growing requirement for connected devices to allow remote operations and artificial intelligence to track human activity will be among the drivers for this increased investment.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all these things have come into focus, but their cumulative importance is anticipated to increase in the future.

Here are some of the Hot IoT trends to watch in 2021 and beyond 

Changes in Real Estate Trends Will Boost Smart Office Initiatives

Some companies have started to simplify their real estate assets and find methods to save money on storage and electricity, with many workers anticipated to work from home next year. One process through which they can do this is by smart office projects with IoT apps. Smart lighting, energy, environmental monitoring, and sensor-enabled space usage and activity monitoring will be included in these initiatives.

The Internet of Behavior is Coming to Workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the way several organizations think about the transmission of viruses, so expect to see more field IoT technologies that track activity in different ways to implement health and safety guidelines. It will require sensors or RFID tags to ensure that workers wash their hands and determine if employees are wearing masks utilizing computer vision. But this method will extend to other fields outside public health concerns., such as commercial vehicles, the organizations that are beginning to monitor by using different sensors.

Location Data will Become More Prominent

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that caused several retailers and other companies to move to items such as curbside pickup and remote check-in, location data became more important than ever this year. It implies that technology suppliers and collaborators who can assist these organizations in utilizing location data and a third-party source for gathering location data would be more critical.

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