Good morning from Maine where fluffy snow is falling from the sky in the early morning hours. My kids will be excited to see it when they wake up. My oldest will want to ski on the new snow and my youngest will want to eat the snow. 

This week I took a break from writing new blog posts and republished some of the most popular posts of the year. During the week I took some time to play outside with my kids and on my own day when I headed up to my favorite mountain, Saddleback. I feel recharged and ready for school to start again next week. I hope this week treated you well too. 

These were the most popular posts of the week:

1. Five Ways to Make Whiteboard Instructional Videos in Your Web Browser
2. Draw on Your Screen in Google Meet
3. Rubrics for Assessing Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, and More

4. Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Videos
5. A Few Interesting Ways to Use Google Slides Besides Making Presentations 

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