DevOps can help the CIOS increase the productivity of various departments by increasing flexibility and agility.

FREMONT, CA: When CEOs think about DevOps’ advantages and whether they should introduce it or not, their views will get influenced by the constant concerns related to decreasing expenses and increasing revenues. Various factors like obtaining a faster time to the market and developing better-quality products will be at the top of the scheme.

Similarly, the IT managers who are related to the regular development will think that DevOps has offered faster speed and decreases the volume of defects are the two most crucial factors. The story is different for the CIOs because they prioritize more on the procedure that can increase the IT department’s productivity or how they can recruit and retain skilled IT staff.

As soon as the discussion or meeting about DevOps’ advantages takes place among various stakeholders, there is an instant disconnect. Instead of providing multiple benefits agreed by everyone, it can end up with catalogs of differences. The differences might be the blocker for introducing the initiatives related to DevOps.

It can be disappointing because DevOps’ benefits are not restricted to one group of people or a single department. They move within the company or organization from one department to another. According to the DevOps reporters, the high performing companies who are practicing DevOps have reduced their failure rate compared to the low performing organizations. In such cases, the high performing organizations can spend less time on unplanned work and unnecessary rework and more time on new work.

It also helps the support teams take fewer calls from unhappy customers, offer more opportunities to the marketing people to promote features, higher staff retention, reduced pressure on the HR department, and higher revenues. The differences in appreciating the advantages of DevOps can come from the viewpoint of different departments. DevOps have various advantages like faster speed, lower cost of releases, enhanced operations support, and rapid fixations. But through the views of CIOs, IT managers, and CEOs, the picture can be different. Every stakeholder looks at DevOps differently and expects different results.

Here are some advantages of DevOps from the viewpoints of CIOs.

• Good processed across IT and teams, including automation

• Happier and more engaged teams

• Collaborative working

• Enhanced operational support and faster fixes

• Increased team flexibility and agility

• Cross-skilling and self-improvement

• Respect from senior management

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