The intent-based networking can help the network teams working remotely to decrease the workload.

FREMONT, CA: The networking industry is trying hard so that it becomes easier to install, operate, and troubleshoot the network. Automating network operations has become more crucial because the employees are more dependable on the system. The restricted access IT personnel has to the physical resources because of the COVID-9 pandemic.

The networking operations are becoming extremely complicated because the functions need manual intervention and highly skilled personnel. The new software networking tools can decrease the number of manual tasks for the network departments. It can even suggest solutions to the issues and better understand its intent and the application’s intent.

The tools for intent-based networking (IBN) is designed as a networking approach to automate the network’s administrative tasks. It can even offer essential advantages to IT productivity, including decreasing errors, rapid resolutions of trouble tickets, and enhanced security.

Effect of COVID-19 on network requirements

The spread of the pandemic COVID-19 has many effects on network operations. Firstly, it was necessary for the IT teams to immediately support access to crucial applications for employees working from various locations. The pandemic has also increased the demand for cloud or SaaS-based applications. It has limited the IT teams’ physical access to network features in the branch office, data center, or campus.

It is necessary for the teams always to be operational and secure to support the distributed workforce. The network’s flexibility is also essential because it helps them adjust to the rapidly transforming business conditions. The IT and the network employees working remotely can operate., troubleshoot, or modify the network infrastructure from their respected locations.

IBN is essential because the IT departments have to support the remote workforce continuously. Network automation becomes crucial to decrease the time-consuming manual operations, like recognizing the cause of application slowdowns.

The IBN software can decrease manual tasks like applying new security policies, provisioning network services, and changing network configurations.

Benefits of intent-based networks

• Recognize the reason for network or application slowdowns

• Decrease human errors that can create opportunities for the attackers to enter the network

• Reduce manual tasks like pushing configuration changes to several network devices

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