Enlarge / Shozoku and ninjato are encouraged, but not strictly required, in order to compete.


Annual programming competition Runcode.ninja is back again in its fourth year, beginning Friday, November 6. RunCode is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers working in their spare time and focused on providing educational opportunities for coders and infosec folks. The online event allows programmers of all experience levels to tackle a wide array of challenges, using any of 14 supported programming languages.

This year, the competition theme is “all things web”—which means that most challenges will have something to do with websites; although the “something” can vary pretty drastically, from user interaction to server log analysis. The event will have more than 30 available challenges, grouped into easy, intermediate, and hard, for competitors to find and upload solutions for.

For each challenge, competitors will be given a problem description, a sample data set, and an expected output to make the desired order and formatting clear. Competitors are expected to generate more test data of their own and thoroughly verify the correctness of their code against all the corner cases they can think of; solutions tested against only the sample data provided will likely fail the challenge. Uploaded code is run in a sandboxed Docker container and its output tested for correctness.

Amazon gift cards ($100, $200, $300, $400, and $500) will be awarded to this year’s top 5 finishers. The event begins Friday, November 6, at 4pm EST and runs through Monday, Nov. 9, at 8am EST. Interested coders and would-be coders can sign up at https://2020.runcode.ninja/quick_reg—which is an entirely different registration from the one on the main site, which allows you to view and try to solve challenges whenever you’d like.

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