FREMONT, CA: It offers the flexibility of resource utilization, and also reduces operational costs, increases data integrity and security, decreases the risk of data unavailability, and tenfold collaborative productivity. The transition from an onpremise to cloud-based infrastructure has led to massive changes in network design and security. To support this digital transformation, organizations require advanced tools and support of automation to enhance security. In a situation like this, software-defined networking could be the optimal solution.

Here are a few ways to intelligent network security with software-defined networking.

Simplified configuration

VLAN configuration needs tremendous dedication and sincerity as it provides a highly secured environment for organizations. The more VLANs an organization implements, the more complicated it becomes for the professionals to manage them. With the help of SDN, organizations can automate the VLAN configuration and improve these configurations’ traceability. Together with that, SDN enables dynamic programming and restructuring of network settings, which eventually results in eliminating DDoS attacks.

Centralized network control

In a typical IT environment, network security solutions, like router and switches, decide incoming and outgoing traffic. SDN can centralize the network controlling, routing the total traffic using a single controller. It can segregate the control plane, forwarding plane, and the data plane from each other. This technology provides a clear picture of network topology and architecture. For network security, SDN can additionally regulate data packets through a single firewall and improve IDS and IPS’ data capture ability.

High-level network policies

The SDN technology provides central management of security policies in place of physically configuring them. This feature allows a network operator to be more flexible and efficient. Besides, organizations are replacing the current management approaches like SNMP/CLI with efficient policy management.

Handy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Cloud APIs are crucial for SDN controllers and applications. With easy-touse APIs, professionals can conveniently manage network resources, enhance IT resources’ efficiency, and keep the vital tools in easy reach. 

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