Acquisition-happy telecoms infrastructure company Cellnex is using some of its new toys to stake a claim to the nascent IoT market.

The latest announcement from the restless Spanish towerco involves a partnership with Everynet, which is an IoT network specialist that is still keen on LoRaWAN technology. The two of them are going to roll out IoT networks in the UK, Ireland and Italy for starters. It looks like Cellnex does a bit more than just provide the towers too, as it has its own IoT management platform.

“This is an important step forward to embrace the very rapid deployment that new technologies are experiencing in response to the unprecedented changes that society and global economies are facing,” said Cellnex Global Commercial Director Oscar Pallarols. “A first class connectivity infrastructure at the service of new communication ecosystems that we strongly believe will enable renewed business models.”

“We are looking forward to deploying these new IoT networks in Europe that enable integrators, developers, and telecommunications companies rapidly launch a broad portfolio of IoT solutions in the market,” said Lawrence Latham, CEO of Everynet . “These networks are interoperable with existing national networks in France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland enabling EU wide roaming.”

It’s interesting that Cellnex has decided to back LoRaWAN so extensively. The very low power radio technology seemed to fall out of fashion a year or two ago as NB-IoT hogged all the headlines. With increasing signs that NB-IoT is actually a bit rubbish, technologies like LoRaWAN and LTE-M seem to be experiencing a resurgence, of which move this is further evidence.

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