Late last year Canva added an image background removal tool to the menu of options for editing your graphics and presentations. Yesterday, when I used that tool to create an image for my blog post about TED-Ed’s lesson on milk I noticed that there are two new options in the background removal tool. 

The new options in Canva’s image background removal tool let you specify which parts of the background that you want to remove. You can choose to use a fine eraser tool or a coarse eraser tool in addition to the automatic background remover. The fine eraser tool is nice to use to “clean up” any mistakes made by automatic image remover. 

Applications for Education

This feature is available to all Canva for Education users. Canva for Education is free to teachers and students. Using the background removal tools is a good way to remove any sensitive information that you don’t want displayed in a picture that you’re going to post online. 

The background removal tool provides a good way for students to create cut-outs of themselves to then place onto other backgrounds. That’s something I demonstrated and talked about in this video that demonstrates another background removal tool called 

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