FREMONT, CA: Data breaches are becoming more common in today’s business world. Hackers know they can sell sensitive information on the dark web or use it for malicious purposes. However, encryption technology for data protection is available for data protection. It involves securing information with cryptography through a scrambled code. People with the key to decoding sensitive data can only read it. Here are some reasons for enterprises to depend on encryption technology.

• Usage Across Variety of Devices

One of the top advantages of encryption technology is that enterprises can apply it to all or most of the tech devices they use. Depending on needs, providers offer full hard disk or file-based encryption. Since several possibilities exist for companies who want to encrypt their data, it is worth researching to see which methods are most appropriate for enterprises. Multi-device encryption is also becoming more essential among businesses.

• Avoid Regulatory Fines

Depending on the given industry or the specific policies set forth by the companies, encryption technology for data protection may become mandatory rather than optional. In several industries that often business with sensitive information, regulatory fines are a genuine concern. Besides how these incidents cut into an organization’s profits, a bad reputation could give customers second thoughts about doing business with enterprises that don’t responsibly store data.

• Help Protect Remote Workers

C-level executives believe that the danger of a breach is greater when employees work remotely. This is not surprising as many remote workers store sensitive data on their devices, and enterprises have little control over how this data is accessed and shared. For that, all confidential data should be encrypted, and remote workers should use a virtual private network (VPN) to stay protected from cyber criminals intercepting unsecured network connections and distributing malware.

• Increase Consumer Trust

For most companies, encryption is not a mandatory regulatory requirement. However, enterprises may want to use encryption to gain trust from their customers. According to a recent survey, 53% of enterprises are concerned about online privacy. Given the erosion of trust that firms experience in recent years, advertising the fact that the business is conforming to data encryption standards could give it a competitive advantage.

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