Nine security researchers share their favorite songs and genres.

What sound do you hear in your head when you think “stereotypical hacker music”?

For most people, it’s a rap-funk groove with dark-sounding synth keyboard and heavy bass and drums that drives the music for the better part of an hour. Many may think hacker music starts and finishes with Orbital and the Prodigy – or maybe Nerdcore music.

There’s just so much more.

When you actually talk to hackers, you’ll find out they have eclectic musical tastes, ranging from electronica, to European classical, to the soundtracks from Marvel Comics remake movies. Music drives hacker culture, so much so that you’ll often find someone bringing their own DJ setup at a security trade show to set the tone.

A couple of weeks ago, Bishop Fox Labs posted a blog titled “Music to Hack To: A Bishop Fox Mix Tape.” Turns out, the staff has a site where they share music, and they decided it would be fun to post some of their go-to’s. We thought it was a great idea and decided to broaden it to include people from all over the industry. We asked them, what gets you psyched to hack? What do you listen to when it’s time to set in and concentrate?

Given the times, we also thought we could use a break from the stresses of ransomware attacks, cryptomining, and assorted nation-state attacks. Take some time and listen to all the diverse music. Use it to work. Use it to meditate. Use it to take a break. And when you have a chance, share your favorite playlists with us in the Comments section, below.

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