Mural takes a visual approach to collaboration, with a focus on “imagination” rather than knowledge work. To do this it relies on a digital whiteboard canvas that allows colleagues and clients to share ideas and brainstorming, even when they’re remote.

It’s an approach that has led to swift growth for the company, which launched its app in 2011 and counts IBM – with tens of thousands of users – among its largest customers. Buoyed by the increase in remote working during the pandemic, the Buenos Aires and San Francisco-based Mural added more than a million active users during the second quarter of the year, and tripled its revenue.

On Tuesday, the company announced a $118 million Series B funding round led by venture capital firm Insight Partners, hedge fund Tiger Global, and various individual investors including former Microsoft SVP and HP COO Bill Veghte. Also involved is Slack, which has a fund aimed at investing in tools such as Mural that encourage a new way of working. (The latest investment follows from a smaller $23 million funding round in January.)

CEO and co-founder Mariano Suarez-Battan spoke to Computerworld about how the company is meeting enterprise  needs during the pandemic, where it hopes to go, and what it’s like raising capital during a period of economic uncertainty. 

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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