FREMONT, CA: With office closures, social distancing, and stay at home orders in effect, virtual connectivity has become the best hope.

Business across the globe has hit new lows with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the majority of companies working from home, employees are highly dependent upon the cloud for day to day functions. Amidst the global crisis, cloud computing and related technologies have emerged as an unsung hero in terms of reliability, scale to handle and store massive database, security, and flexibility. With office closures, social distancing, and stay at home orders in effect, virtual connectivity has become the best hope. Amidst these challenging times, cloud computing has facilitated entertainment, shopping, family and friends interactions, online education, work, and art collaborations, meetings and conferences, and much more at the comfort of homes.

Since the outbreak, Italy has been one of the worsthit countries. Cloud services giant Microsoft stated that it registered a 775 percent increase in the use of its cloud services in areas from the team calling and meeting monthly users over one month. Similarly, the online streaming platform Netflix has registered a growth of 66 percent in Italy. These figures are likely to increase even further as the lockdown progresses. However, despite being the most affordable data reserve, cloud network frames can come at a hefty price. Given the current scenario, a lot of companies have begun laying off people, which can help them to cut back on a few costs.

With the recent sore in cloud computing services, there has been an increase in demand for connections, which means more data center usage. However, cloud infrastructure may not be able to cope up with this demand unless a firm in partnership with private clouds creates a hybrid system to lighten the load and dependency. Microsoft Azure’s customers have encountered hitting capacity constraints while trying to create SQL Server databases. This occurred not only in the free trial but also in the paid version of the SQL.

Data Rationing remains yet another concern. Despite cloud thriving well under the stressed situation, there can be a need to tighten the cap by introducing measures to contain the overwhelming demand. At the same time, there is also the ever-growing threat of privacy and cyberattacks. 

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