Today, Cisco’s Annual Internet Report (AIR) was published – setting out the trends that will define our global communication networks for the next five years. As the European Commission sets out its strategy for a Europe “fit for the Digital Age,” the report provides insights into how the technology landscape across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe will rapidly expand to over 2.2 billion mobile devices and 3.6 billion IoT connections by 2023.

If the EU is to truly seize the opportunities of Europe’s digital transformation, AIR’s findings demonstrate that the EU should focus its policy priorities on creating a globally competitive, value-based, and inclusive European digital economy and society.

But what are the trends that will shape our European digital future?

Our digital economy will be built upon 5G foundations and Wi-Fi6

5G the fifth generation of wireless communications networks has generated no shortage of headlines across Europe, promising significant opportunities across the economy…

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