Google Cloud today launched Dialogflow Mega Agent in beta to enable developers and businesses making AI agents to create richer conversations.

The Dialogflow conversational agent platform originally limited intents — categories of responses to a user’s message — to 2,000, but Dialogflow Mega Agent announced today can use up to 20,000 intents. Allowing for 10 times as many responses to messages means a business using Contact Center AI can make a complex DialogFlow Mega Agent and use it across a number of use cases or multiple agents can be combined into a single agent.

Google Cloud released Contact Center AI together and a host of other new tools for businesses to use automated bots to chat with customers in general availability last fall.

Dialogflow Agent Validation for identifying conversational AI mistakes in real time, as well as tools for deploying agents in multiple environments and query management, were also made generally available today.

Google acquired Dialogflow, formerly known as, in 2016.

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