A couple of months ago I wrote about how my students are using Google Sites as digital portfolios this year. Fortunately for me, this year I only have twenty-five students’ sites to keep track of. Years ago I had more than one hundred to keep track of. If you find yourself trying to keep track of one hundred or more student websites, try the method that I described in the following blog post from 2015.

This morning I answered an email from a reader who was looking for a
little advice on keeping track of more than 150 Google Sites maintained
by students as their digital portfolios. Here’s the scenario that was
described to me,

I have more than 150
students using e.Portfolios and I struggle with finding different
students’ work. I ask students to name their GoogleSites specifically so
I can sort them. I have created a form for student to complete to
keep a record of the links. Maybe you have a better way?

was my suggestion for attempting to keep track of all the sites. (I
used this method myself with about 100 students a few years ago).

make it easier to sort submissions I create student groups (not for
collaboration, just for sorting) and make a different form for each
group. Students have to submit their updates to the form that is
assigned to their group. That way instead of having 150 students making
submissions to one form I have 25 students making submissions to each of
six forms. It’s a little easier to sort through 25 students making
submissions than 150 students making submissions to one form. I make it
the responsibility of the students to enter their submissions on the
correct form.

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