Digital business transformation means that companies are increasingly becoming technology companies. Consequently technology is now viewed as a strategic asset that can be leveraged to transform business models. We’re seeing organizations increasingly appointing CTOs to be accountable for the enterprise technology strategy, with a laser focus on investing in emerging technologies that will deliver competitive advantage.

Defining the CTO role and ensuring that it is aligned with business priorities has become increasingly important in today’s era of digital transformation. Since organizations are at different stages of their digital business journey, the focus of the CTO varies, as discussed in my previous blog post (The Evolving Role of the Chief Technology Officer). The role is often tasked with pursuing multiple, high-level goals such as “driving innovation,” “identifying emerging technologies” or simply “managing IT operations”, as well as a broad range of responsibilities. Success and progress in these areas can be difficult to quantify, making it hard for CTOs to succeed at their role…

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