Authored by Anand Ramanathan

McAfee recently announced MVISION Insights designed to help customers proactively detect, rank and respond quickly and accurately to threats.

On top of having to respond to threats that persistently target their companies, security professionals also face another huge challenge – prioritizing what threat information is relevant from the huge volume of data being presented to them. At McAfee we know how critical time optimization has become to security. So, we are focusing as a team on helping customers not only identify and report on the threats that pose a risk to businesses at large, but also have intelligent insights so they can prioritize information and take action to allocate resources when and where it really matters.

To deliver these insights, we are continually innovating our products and services, and part of that innovation means looking outside of McAfee to bring in the best technologies for our products. For this initiative, this meant adding a leader in security analytics and graph theory, Uplevel, to the McAfee family. Uplevel’s graph analysis platform will allow our customers to more quickly understand the threats that they’re facing and effectively select the right course of action. Combined with McAfee’s world-class data lake, we’re aiming to help our customers have the most comprehensive review of threats and their risk.

In addition to the technology, the Uplevel team led by Liz Maida brings a wealth of experience to McAfee, and specifically the Enterprise Security Business Unit. Liz’s ability to identify pain points for companies and develop solutions that address these will be instrumental in the future development of McAfee technologies and services.

Bringing Uplevel into the McAfee family – along with other recent acquisitions  – demonstrates McAfee’s commitment to innovation that will allow us to be the best device-to-cloud cybersecurity company for our customers and partners.

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