Flying cars. Hover trains. We’ve all seen predictions of the new technologies coming our way in the next several years. Security is no different. Remember the prediction that by 2010 there would not be a security market, because everything will have security built natively in? Or that software defined networking (SDN) will kill the traditional switch vendors, and everyone would shift all their computing to the cloud? To cut through the hype, we decided to gather our own data to make predictions about the future of the data center.

It’s obvious that there are differing views about how quickly the market is moving to the cloud, and how prepared organizations are for this transformation.

To see for ourselves, we surveyed 170 of our top enterprise customers to get their thoughts on the growing complexity of data centers and what’s driving some of the change. Here are some of the highlights. 

Is Everyone Moving Their Data Centers to the Cloud? 

Even for those who aren’t rushing to a cloud-first strategy, there is a growing “cloud also” approach. We’ve started to call this the hybrid cloud data center. 52.4% of our respondents have already deployed some public cloud workloads, with another 60.2% looking to deploy more in the next 12 months. This has to be balanced against the 84.1% of respondents who have a private physical infrastructure and the 55% looking to deploy workloads in their own virtualized environments…

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