Why should an MVNO care about AI?MVNOs are known to have slim organizations, a small network, and slender IT infrastructures; so the technology investments in MVNO businesses are relatively small. From that perspective, one might not think that investing in an AI-based application should be the priority of a mainstream MVNO. However, when considering the nature of MVNO business, AI suddenly starts to make sense.  In day-to-day practice, an MVNO must seize all opportunities that arise quickly – from getting a new subscriber activated, to selling an add-on service or a bigger bundle, convincing a customer to top-up, or by helping a customer to solve a handset setup problem.Is AI the answer?

So, AI-based applications are likely to become a realistic technology enabler for any MVNO in the near future. Perhaps then AI will help MVNOs to increase customer retention time by predicting churning customers and preventing them from leaving the service. 

AI will then help MVNOs to boost add-on service sales by predicting customers’ needs and delivering relevant offers at the right moment to them. AI can then help MVNOs to grow the customer’s life-time value by getting to know individual customers better over time, and helping them before a problem arises, or by activating a bigger bundle just when it is needed!

Content retrieved from: https://www.rcrwireless.com/20180411/opinion/can-artificial-intelligence-give-the-mvno-business-model-wings-reader-forum-Tag10.


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